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Maggi Group: brand relaunch and focus on service

italian marine industry company

metal industry italian brandNow, more than ever, Maggi Group is the proactive and competitive reference in the application fields of the chain product: from industry, to marine, to safety, to “do it yourself”.

Maggi Group renews a great passion for manufacturing in the field of metals, typical of Made in Italy (especially in Lecco), combining a consistent marketing vision with the contemporary needs of its market partners, where the quality of the product must be increasingly accompanied by an adequate and synergic commitment to “service”.

Three principles to be a collaborative reference point

The Maggi Group’s commitment is expressed in three fundamental principles, which establish an important evolution in the dialogue with its market partners:

  • to implement a concrete “collaboration” with the client and the trade in technical and commercial problem solving
  • to ensure great versatility and flexibility in supplies
  • to develop its offer according to the customer’s specific design requirements

A company with strong growth ambitions

Maggi Group’s management expresses passion and expertise in the area, thanks to the commitment of CEO Chiara Maggi. A new, significant entrepreneurial challenge for women, implemented by the professionalism and significant resources of partners who also operate at the highest levels in metalworking.

A corporate structure that can ensure strong economic and financial solidity, continuous investment in R&D, constant development of the distribution chain.

Statements of the new CEO Chiara Maggi

Chiara Maggi says: “With this new entrepreneurial challenge, I am gathering and enhancing my personal experience in the chain production department and putting it at the service of a market scenario that requires more and more dynamism and spirit of cooperation. I believe that the era of the “catalogue” and price policy as the only means of expression for the supplier has come to an end.

Today, all four of the business areas of Maggi Group’s competence – industry, security, marine and hardware – requires us to become more like a partner than a mere supplier. For us, this means first of all being able to listen, and therefore advise. To find ideal solutions to the expectations, the necessities and the market dynamics, which change faster than in the past“.

Open to innovative entrepreneurial strategies

The objectives of Maggi Group are to increasingly strengthen the channels of knowledge and professional esteem that make this brand a beacon of Made in Italy in markets where today’s exasperated competitiveness makes it difficult to effectively understand who can express reliability and seriousness.

Chiara Maggi continues: “When my partners and I embarked on this new entrepreneurial challenge, we wondered what prospects our brand might have in the light of a globalized scenario where every day it’s harder for people to communicate their values and their plus. But we had no hesitation.

We believe that Maggi Group has the potential to grow and satisfy not only to us, but primarily our customers. To achieve this objective, we aim to offer first of all the advice and indications that are part of our authoritative professional experience in the sector. In addition to this, we are very willing to develop innovative projects together with our customers.

We want to bring to the sector the breath of fresh air that has affected many other areas of industry, thanks also to the contribution that digitalization and 4.0 supply chains can make to design and distribution. Our most important asset is still our people: attentive, passionate and helpful.

I therefore extend an invitation to all operators in the sector: contact us to better understand what Maggi Group means today and where we want to go. Together. I am convinced that it will be a pleasant surprise for many. At the same time, I am also addressing entrepreneurs who want to expand their operations in this sector. We are open to constructive discussions. I believe that, here too, there are profitable and innovative prospects for collaboration”.