Yamaha on the Evolution 6.0 with four XTO V8s

yamaha and Lion Yachts

yacht outboard motor yamahaOver the past 20 years Yamaha Motor has unveiled a number of innovations, shaping the desire to push boundaries and improve the customer experience.

At the time of launch in 2001, the F225A was the most powerful four-stroke outboard in the world – before that it was considered technologically impossible to produce a commercially viable 4-stroke outboard motor exceeding 200hp.

After a long path of innovation and evolution, the last chapter of the story presents the XTO 425 hp V8. An icon of Yamaha’s reliability and engineering excellence, the XTO has already established itself as the ideal choice for large offshore cruisers, thanks to the high torque and power delivered by the outboards. Yamaha has also introduced another innovation this year, by updating the V6 range with new customer-oriented features and authentic XTO DNA.

In line with its philosophy of improving the customer experience through the latest technologies and the finest components, Yamaha Motor is always active in the search for opportunities to support projects, which allow the sharing of knowledge and skills to foster discovery and growth. This “out of the box” approach aims at continual evolution in the boating market and at changing the way people think about the propulsion system.

A great idea requires great ambitions

Lion Yachts is an Italian luxury brand that works on exclusive projects and on a wide range of boats.

When the project design for a 60-foot began, over 27-ton sport trawler to be powered by four Yamaha XTO 425hp V8 outboard motors, both teams of companies were enthusiastic.

Everyone thought we were crazy because we built a boat 18 meters long, 6.5 meters wide and weighing 27 tons with 4 outboards … But Yamaha was the perfect partner that allowed us to go in this direction” , says Michele Parini, Lion Yachts.

The project was born from the idea of the customer: an owner who believed it would be possible to combine simplicity, less corrosion and low maintenance costs even on a boat of this size. Furthermore, he believed that the smaller footprints obtained by mounting outboard motors would free up valuable space on board, resulting in a larger garage for the tenders or an additional cabin for the crew.

This is combined with the best levels of comfort for the crew, due to the lower vibrations of the boat while sailing and the engine noise is significantly lower.

The integration of outboards that pair with the luxury of these flybridges was therefore proposed. The Lion Yachts team was enthusiastic about the idea and determined to study a revolutionary solution.

Triumph as a couple

For Lion Yachts it was very important to find the right partner for the outboard motorization, because this would be the key to the success of the project.

After an in-depth analysis, Yamaha Motor was chosen thanks to the incredible torque and high power of the XTO 425hp V8, as well as the international support that Yamaha’s dedicated team of experts provides to nautical partners.

Partnership for progress

After defining the partnership, Lion Yachts and Yamaha began working on this groundbreaking project for three years. The Lion Yachts team has developed new technological features, including a lifting aft deck to allow maintenance and possible dismantling of the outboard motors.

Extensive tests were then conducted, extremely in-depth in any sea conditions, to guarantee the highest technical standards.

Success beyond expectations

This project has given rise to a boat that goes far beyond the owner’s most ambitious expectations. The advantages achieved were many, first of all the additional space on board for the crew and for the shelter of the tender.

The fully tilting motors that you can work on and which can even be disassembled, minimizing maintenance time, are other pluses. But it was the boat’s performance that really surprised both the owner and the builder.

Ernesto Chiesa, Yamaha Motor Europe field technician explains: “We had forecast around 30 knots, this was the customer’s goal… And we reached a top speed of 36 knots. The boat is forecasting around 14 knots at 3,500 rpm. min and goes up to 6,000, offering excellent range for fast and efficient sailing. Personally, I was very happy that Yamaha, once again, exceeded the customer’s expectations.

The handling at low speeds and the mooring experience have far exceeded expectations and are in line with the inboard equivalent, although the weight is more moved aft and the boat has a higher drift than expected for an outboard. Yamaha’s Helm Master EX control system with joystick, autopilot and Steer-By-Wire controls made boat operations easy and fun.

The thing most appreciated by everyone on board is the reduction of the noise of the engines, as they are physically mounted outside the boat, also reducing vibrations inside. Among other advantages, the reduction of the smell of fuel, also attributed to the mounting position of the engine.

Where do we go now?

Michele Parini adds: “We are enthusiastic about the boat, because everything is better than we expected. We are sure that the new trend is towards outboard motors, with our project we have brought the potential of outboards. to a higher level “.

This 27-ton 60-foot Lion Yacht with outboard motor has created a new segment of trawlers, faster, suitable for long distances, with additional comfort and the ability to satisfy an increasingly wider target of owners.

The project highlights the performance of Yamaha outboard motors on large boats, especially when combined with the Helm Master EX control system.

Looking to the future, Lion Yachts is not satisfied with having reached 60 feet, but is already looking at a 24 meters powered by the XTO 425 hp V8.