New HARMO of Yamaha Motor at the Genoa Boat Show

yamaha outboard motor

yamaha genoa boat show Thanks to HARMO, today Yamaha takes another step forward in the electric propulsion segment, an important milestone in the company’s and sector’s path towards a more sustainable future.

The growing interest in intelligent mobility and a change in attitudes that is leading to a real revolution on a global level, generates the transition to increasingly “green” alternatives. While maintaining its commitment to producing combustion engines with increasingly efficient technologies also in terms of environmental impact, Yamaha Motor is a reference point in electronic engineering and a pioneer in creating innovative products driven by an electric motor such as electric vehicles. (LEV), golf cars, motorcycles, wheelchairs, drones and electric bicycles with pedal assistance.

This advanced technology offers customers innovative and exciting products, while supporting a global evolution that aims to find new and more efficient ways to satisfy customer wishes.

What is HARMO and why is it important?

HARMO is an outboard motor that was created to be as much as possible one on the water with nature. Wherever you sail, it offers an extraordinary experience, both in fresh and salt water, to fully enjoy the peace of the surrounding environment.

It is an end-to-end intelligent technology solution consisting of an electric propulsion unit, a remote control and a joystick for more intuitive operation. Incredibly quiet, the electric motors offer a new dimension to fully enjoy the water, allowing you to listen to nature and its sounds undisturbed.

Innovations from HARMO

The engine is equipped with RIM-drive technology for more efficient electric propulsion, when compared with a propeller of the same size. The electric motor is mounted around the outer edge of the propeller, allowing for greater thrust at lower speeds than equivalent conventional motors.

Compared to standard electric motors, HARMO can be used to push larger boats (currently it has been tested on boats up to about 6.4 meters) with lower energy consumption. Furthermore, since it moves silently in the water, it guarantees the reduction of vibrations and noise, offering a much more comfortable driving experience.

The steering offers smooth maneuvering and sharp, responsive turns thanks to a wide steering angle. The joystick control, based on the Helm Master EX system traditionally available only in the Yamaha Premium and High Power Outboard range, offers intuitive control and complete boat management without any effort, allowing you to enjoy navigation without worrying about maneuvers.

The installation of HARMO is similar to that of traditional outboards, i.e. via a bracket placed on the transom and is equipped with the tilt function to lift it out of the water when not in use or if a boat requires grounding. In addition, the engine undergoes the same rigorous testing procedure as any other Yamaha gasoline outboard, ensuring the distinctive quality of the Yamaha brand.

Breath of Venmar

Made by the Italian builder Venmar, Respiro is the first Harmo powered boat available. Founded in Venice in 1969, Venmar is specialized in design and production of both taxi boats and unique pleasure boats.

The heritage of the Venmar brand distinguishes every boat, from taxi boats to boats up to 12 meters.

Even today, these boats are handcrafted with traditional techniques and particular attention to detail making them an ideal partner for HARMO.

The carbon fiber, linen and mahogany used in the construction of the Respiro ensure an incredibly rigid and light monolithic hull with only 210 kg excluding engines and batteries. This is thanks to the collaboration with the Cossutti Yacht Design studio. HARMO and Respiro create a perfect synergy and HARMO fully embodies the meaning of her name: harmony.

This package not only represents a link with nature and the environment, but also allows the owner to enjoy a unique tranquility in the water. The destination to be reached or the hectic pace of everyday life or the need to move from one place to another are no longer important: what really matters, the essential, is the beauty of the journey.

61st Genoa Boat Show 2021

HARMO is a milestone in Yamaha Motor’s electric propulsion market and, thanks to the experience of successful products in the marine industry and in the LEV segment, offers truly unique solutions that ensure a breakthrough for its customers. Through the use of state-of-the-art technologies, this system can offer a completely new experience to the boat owner.

The efficiency of this engine embodies a technological development that bodes well for continuous research and development in this nascent but rapidly expanding market segment.

HARMO and Respiro will be presented at the 61st Genoa Boat Show to be held from 16 to 21 September 2021.