Garmin releases a new software update

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garmin new softwareGarmin Italy, a company of Garmin Ltd. (NYSE: GRMN), the world’s largest and most innovative marine electronics manufacturer, announces the release of a new free software update for the GPSMAP 8400, GPSMAP 723/923/1223, GPSMAP Plus, GPSMAP 1022/1222 series with keyed assist and, for some features, will also be available for the Echomap Ultra and Echomap UHD.

The new update offers even more new functionalities, renewed graphic features and an even more engaging and intuitive on-board experience.

Among the many new tools that the Garmin software update provides are:

1. GPSMAP Series GUI Update

The GPSMAP user interface has been revamped with a simple, intuitive graphic user interface packed with new features. Among these, “Pinned” makes changing pages even faster.

2. Look-Ahead

This innovative feature repositions the boat on the display to allow the user to see as much of the chart as possible at all times. The position is also automatically re-centred for visibility in all directions.

3. Advanced sailing functions and polar charts

Sailing enthusiasts will also benefit from the recent addition of polar charts, with which Garmin chartplotters are now able to calculate the boat’s speed increment based on real or apparent wind strength and direction. With the new update, it is also possible to apply filters of up to eight different damping levels to the values shown in the chartplotter data fields.

4. Real-time troubleshooting support

With this state-of-the-art feature, users can learn even more about the instruments and solve some of the most common problems on their own with real-time status suggestions.

5. OneHelm – Overlay

Users will be able to manage their on-board Digital Switching and OneHelm systems without having to scroll between different pages: a convenient overlay bar overlaps the other pages of the system to access all the revolutionary digital switching functions with a simple touch.

Available now for GPSMAP 8400 series, GPSMAP 723/923/1223, GPSMAP Plus, GPSMAP 1022/1222 with keyed assist and, for some functions, the new update is also available for Echomap Ultra and Echomap UHD: to download it for free, just choose the option “My Nautical Devices” from the ActiveCaptain® app to activate it easily.