Simrad® NSX: the latest generation of electronic devices for boating

simrad electronic navigation system
© Tomàs Moyà / Photographer
simrad NSX boat control
© Tomàs Moyà / Photographer

Simrad Yachting’s all-new multifunction display (MFD) debuts: FID NSX is the latest evolution of Simrad® mid-range powerboat chartplotter and fishfinder. The NSX display is available in 7, 9 or 12 inches and is based on an operating system designed to redefine the browsing experience.

NSX features a modern and innovative interface, supported by the latest touchscreen technology. Map details are clear and defined and the C-MAP® navigation system is compatible with sonar, radar and autopilots. The guided installation procedure accompanies the user in every phase of the device configuration, while the integration with the Simrad® app allows connection to the smartphone in an instant.

A simple and intuitive experience on sea

Marine electronics have considerably evolved over the past few decades, but with this particular product we’ve worked hard to making boating easier and more accessible than ever before,” said Mike Fargo, Vice President of Simrad® Yachting.

I love this product: with NSX our development team has redefined the idea of consumer grade chartplotters and fish finders, offering users a simple and intuitive experience, from opening the box to the most distant adventures in the open sea.

Several additional functionalities

simrad devices for fishing and boating
© Tomàs Moyà / Photographer

NSX is designed to offer a wide range of features that allow users to enrich the multifunction display with additional functionality, easier integrations and support for a range of third party applications.

Combined with Active Imaging ™, CHIRP, SideScan, DownScan Imaging ™ and FishReveal ™ sonar, anglers can use the NSX to view high-resolution images below and to the sides of the boat, or plumb deep with multiple compatible transducers. Users will also be able to integrate it with their radar to get maximum performance from AutoPilot systems by connecting to AutoRouting.

For boat enthusiasts

For more than 75 years Simrad® has had a long tradition of reliability, safety and innovation” said Fargo. “NSXwas designed for boating enthusiasts: it’s perfect for those who enjoy weekend boat trips, family fishing trips, scuba diving, water sports and outings at sea. We have designed this system to make it easier to navigate. ‘use by users and guarantee them a more fluid and intuitive experience, thanks also to the new operating system.

Basically, the real novelty is the ability for boaters to use a high quality product more easily,” said Jarred Clayton, Chief Technology Officer. “Thanks to user feedback, the design team has improved many small aspects that have enhanced the overall product. NSX has already received excellent reviews and we are absolutely proud of this achievement.

Main features of the NSX system

  • Different display sizes with different screen configurations to meet user needs.
  • Support for C-MAP Discover™X & Reveal™X charts optimized for next generation marine.
  • Networking and connectivity solutions, including plug-in modem for connecting additional devices and an Ethernet port to ensure full network functionality in the future.
  • Massive integration of third party apps to diversify integration and enable support from multiple vendors.
  • The guided installation procedure easily accompanies the user during all phases of device configuration.
  • Fully customizable with the ability to change screen settings by drag and drop and the toolbar.
  • Improved day and night modes, to be able to sail in all possible weather and light conditions.
  • High resolution bathymetry capable of showing precise depth lines with a detail level of 2.5 cm with compatible maps.
  • The AutoRouting with optimized route planning and the creation for a system that is always ready for use. Engine and tank setup, autopilot optimization, dockside and in-water radar calibration and much more.
  • Easy software updates and data transfer over the air with the Simrad® app.


PHOTO OF THE ARTICLE and ON COVER: © Tomàs Moyà / Photographer