Frauscher showcases his idea of sustainability at the Venice Motor Show

frauscher at venice boat show

Now in its third edition, the Salone Nautico Venezia (Venice Nautical exhibition) stands out in the panorama of nautical fairs for its strong imprint on sustainability, one of the central topics of the program.

Frauscher will be present to take part in the conversation, bringing his thirty years of experience as a forerunner of alternative forms of propulsion to the thermal one in the nautical sector, with over 3,000 electric boats that, to date, sail in the waters all over Europe.

Electric boats at the show

boat show 2022 venice
Frauscher 1212 Ghost. On cover: Frauscher TimeSquare 20

It is no coincidence, therefore, that the shipyard has chosen to exhibit the most recent and provocative of its electric boats: Frauscher TimeSquare 20, the first electric catamaran signed by Frauscher which, since its debut in September 2021, has made headlines both for the innovative design and for the new navigation experience it offers.

This model offers its owners excellent driving characteristics in the face of low energy requirements but not only: the real revolution of TimeSquare 20 lies in being the expression for a new style of sailing, which can be defined as slow cruising.

The motorboat transforms into a comfortable lounge on the water where everything is designed to enjoy a day on board in company and above all in total relaxation and tranquility: the two electric outboard motors allow you to reach good cruising speeds even in the most complete silence.

Frauscher 1017 GT and 1212 Ghost

salone nautico venezia electric boat
Frauscher 1017 GT

Together with TimeSquare 20 two “milestones” of the Austrian shipyard will be exhibited: from the sales champion with over 150 units produced, Frauscher 1017 GT, flanked by the current queen of salons, winner of the Grand Prix of Elegance at the last Cannes Yachting Festival: 1212 Ghost.

This 42-footer is an essential day cruiser, the perfect synthesis of style and practicality, characterized by extraordinary driving comfort and muscular fast commuter performance.

The three Frauscher models well represent the characteristics of the entire range of the shipyard for both electric and motor production: from the obsessive attention to detail, to the desire to continue to innovate and amaze, all enclosed by a stylistic code that makes elegance and glamor its trademark.

The Venetian exhibition will be curated by the importer Frauscher Italia, a brand of Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli since 2003.

Frauscher Italia will be at the Venice Motor Show from 28 May to 5 June, at Darsena Grande, P2 sud. The three models will be available for visits on board and sea trials, upon reservation.