Omikron Yachts Proceeds with the Building of OT60 Hulls

omikron yachts

Omikron Yachts, the new brand of Olympic Marine’s shipyard, reports steady progress on the OT60 series, with construction of hulls #3, #4, and #5 moving forward as planned.

Hull #3, a Club variant of the OT60 with the full-beam cabin towards the bow divided into two double berths, is approaching completion. The deck gluing and interior installation mark the phase of finishing touches. Now, the team is focused on completing the interiors, including the ceiling, with delivery to her Monaco based owner scheduled for early 2024.

The journey of Hull #4, configured for 3 cabins, is also well underway. Her hull has been painted in a subtle grey chosen by her Greek owner, and she has been transferred to the assembly building, where the hull is undergoing interior assembly. This process entails the integration of advanced electrical and plumbing systems, reflecting the Shipyard’s commitment to a modern standard of comfort at sea.

In parallel, work on Hull #5 has commenced, starting with the lamination process. This initial stage is foundational, setting the course for the subsequent steps in the yacht’s creation. Each phase of construction is approached with a blend of traditional attention to detail and modern technology.

About the OT60

The OT60 is an eco-cruiser, inspired by the Eastern Mediterranean island-hopping lifestyle to provide more space at a comfortable pace. Its engines and a custom hull design by Juan-K, optimized for cruising at 10-12 knots, allow the OT60 to travel 1000 nautical miles at 12 knots, consuming 1.5 liters per nautical mile.

Omikron yachts

The inspiration for the OT60 comes from the waters surrounding Olympic Marine, the habits of visitors and the local culture, rendering the chance to observe her in harmony with her natural habitat even more precious.

The work on Hulls #3, #4, and #5 is proceeding with meticulous care and great skill, and the dedication of our team has made us very proud, for the results and for the craft. Each hull is a commitment to our values of quality, innovation, and responsiveness to our clients’ needs. It’s great to see the wide range of options we offer in the commissioning of the OT60 manifest the variety of configurations we are building today – it reflects the diversity of our owners and the flexibility of our offer to the market.Nikolas Dendrinos, Chairman of Olympic Marine