Valerio Rivellini designs Iceman, the new Explorer Tender from Cantiere delle Marche

tender valerio rivellini

Valerio Rivellini has been chosen by Cantiere delle Marche to design Iceman, a new Explorer Tender.

Valerio Rivellini has been chosen by Cantiere delle Marche to design Iceman, a new Explorer Tender. The boat will serve as a support unit for Flexplorer 146 – a yacht designed by CDM for cruising at all latitudes – with its own tender and a wide range of water toys.

Iceman, with an aluminium hull and a carbon fibre superstructure, will be 10 metres long. Stowed in the stern area of the mother boat, it will house a second tender of around 4 metres on its own stern, a solution devised for maximum freedom of movement on the Flexplorer’s Main Deck.

Valerio Rivellini signs another important collaboration with the design of a 10-metre Explorer Tender for Cantiere delle Marche’s Flexplorer 146, a yacht designed to operate even in Arctic areas.

Main features of the Expoler Tender

Introducing a new type of boat – a tender ideal for operating as an explorer vessel at all latitudes – Iceman stands out for versatility and a combination of structural strength and light weight.

Another feature is the second tender of 4.35 metres stowed aboard Iceman, with a solution that occupies half the space the two craft would take up if placed side by side (the normal arrangement on yachts of this size). This placement guarantees freedom of movement on the mother vessel’s Main Deck. Both tenders can also be towed.

Iceman is 9.55 metres long and 3 metres in the beam, and with a draught of just 50 centimetres it can access even very shallow coastal waters. It has a displacement of 4 tonnes, can carry 10 passengers and is powered by a 370 HP Yanmar engine.

In addition to the second tender, Iceman stows all the water toys available to guests on the Flexplorer 146: two seabobs, two six-metre canoes and four Aerofoils, as well as fishing gear and diving equipment (including six cylinders).


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